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Is Pet Sitters Australia reliable, professional and safe?

  • We have been operating (as individuals) for since the mid 1980’s – over 20 years.
  • Pet Sitters Australia holds a Master Insurance Policy for its carers and all carers have a complete Police background check, a full reference check and many hours of training prior to being allowed to work within out Carers network.
  • We are insured for Public Liability and negligence issues whilst on your property.
  • We are members of Pet Sitters International, PetSitOz and
  • Due to our Animal Rescue (pet Rescue) work, we are well known in many Animal Welfare circles and to most veterinarians, pet supply shops and groomers in the inner west and Blue Mountains areas of Sydney.
  • We can supply you with a long list of relevant references.

Is ‘in my home’ pet sitting right for me and my pet?
We discovered that it was right for our own pets and for many of our customers because of the pet’s deep need to remain in their own familiar environment.

If you are unsure about having your pet sat at in your own home, we are happy to talk through your concerns. We understand how important it is to know up front what to expect and we are happy to meet you in your home to discuss any concerns you may have, this first visit, is at no cost and no obligation to you.

Like you, we want the best for your pet too and will work with you to achieve our goals.

How do I make a booking with PSA & where will we meet?
You can just call us on (02) 8003 7381 (02 8003 PET1) or send us an email request - include your name, suburb and phone number and we will then arrange a time to meet with you and to meet your pet(s). 
If possible, we like to have around three days notice to meet with new clients.

What is included in PSA’s costs?
Once we meet with you and work out what you want done, we can perform the following tasks during our in home pet sitting times:
* We do not charge for an initial interview.* Mailbox clearance * The rotation of lights/radio/TV,* Removal of litter from the front of properties * Regular turning on of your car engine * Checking on any of your vehicles left on property/street * following up on newspaper cancellations or collecting them in your home for you to read upon your return * watering of plants inside/outside * feeding of pets * cleaning up after pets * cleaning litter trays * replenishing water bowls *administration of medication * brushing of pets * exercising pets * pat and chat time * internal and external security checks of doors and windows * putting out/taking in rubbish bins and recycling containers * removal of pet waste and food scraps from properties * communication by email for updates whilst you are away * Other small chores may also be undertaken at no charge * We can also stock your fridge with fresh fruit juice, milk and bread etc for your return home –

‘Item costs only’ additionally charged to your account.

What is not included in PSA’s costs?
Your pet’s food is an individual item and not included along with cat litter and any other items used at home to ensure the comfort of pets. Any phone calls / text messages requested for updates are charged at cost.

We can assist you by purchasing any additional items whilst you are away and adding the cost to your account balance.

A small key return fee applies where we cannot leave keys securely inside a property or hand them to a designated contact. We do not leave keys in letterboxes. We have a secure system of keeping your keys on file so that you can readily engage our services in the future – Also handy if you ever lose your keys and needs a “standby set” (We want you to know that we NEVER leave keys with names &/or addresses together at ANY time).

Is there a minimum booking period?
For first time clients we require a minimum of three visits. After this initial engagement there is no minimum visit quota. Where future visits are requested, and if we don’t have your keys on file, then there is a small key pick up fee applies where less than three visits are required. Keys can also be dropped at our location in Marrickville.

Can PSA give any medication to my pet?
Yes, we do recommend that you provide the pets original medication packaging and if possible a “Dosage case” so that they medication is easily prepared for dosage.  We will also administer flea control products, and also the cleaning of your pet’s ears and eyes during the course of our visits as they are all covered in our costs.

Are my keys safe and when do I give them to PSA?
Your keys are safe in our custody and will NEVER bear identification as to your address. We have a code system. Based on your instructions, keys can be left inside your home on the last visit or returned at a specified time after you arrive home, or you may wish us to keep these on file for future visits. We always prefer to collect keys at the time of an initial interview, but do understand this may not always be convenient.

What information does PSA need?
During our initial interview, we go through a comprehensive questionnaire about your pet and your home security needs. We cover contact details, pet requirements, your Vet and potential Vet needs, security issues and find out about any additional tasks you wish to have performed.

What happens if I have to cancel?
Simply call us to cancel. If we have conducted an initial interview with you and hold a deposit, then a cancellation fee applies. We refund the balance (your deposit less the cancellation fee) to you promptly.
If you reschedule within the following 30 calendar days, then the cancellation fee is deducted from your next booking (only for one change of plans though).

What about my privacy, confidentiality and legal issues?
We have a contract which covers insurance, security, veterinary and access matters relating to your needs.  We interview you and the document we create together is signed at interview time.
You can rest assured - we DO NOT disclose the nature of our work to anyone outside of PSA.
Also, unlike other services, we do not wear uniforms of any kind. Our vehicles used whilst pet sitting carry no advertising at all, we do not want to alert ANYONE about what we are doing for you whilst you are away from home.

When and how do I pay?
At the initial interview time we collect a deposit of 75% of total cost where the account is in excess of $200. Balance payable prior to the first visit. For work less than $200 payment in full is required at interview. We accept cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, money order and direct bank credit. A small cancellation fee applies only after a deposit has been made.

Can I contact PSA when I am away?
Absolutely! Please feel free to check in with us whilst you are away. If we are busy and unable to answer your call immediately, then just leave a message and we can send you an email. Telephone calls and SMS text messages are charged to you at cost an added to your account. (We work out your preferences at the initial interview)

When does PSA visit my home and pet/s?
PSA works out a schedule with you. Pets are visited daily at a set time so they become aware of the regularity of our visits. We give you a 3 hour approx time at the initial set up interview, either the morning or the afternoon (or both if you want more than one visit per day)

What happens if my pet/s becomes ill when I am away?
We will always make every attempt to contact you immediately. However, if you cannot be contacted we will take your pet to the Veterinarian that you have advised is your pet’s primary veterinary care giver, on our contract with you.
In the event your Veterinarian is closed we will use other services which are available twenty four hours.
Costs associated with any veterinary consultations will be charged to the credit card designated on the PSA/client contract or as agreed between you and the Veterinarian.
(PSA recommends the use of our supplied Veterinary Practitioner payment/care authorisation/release form.  This allows us to engage your vet with your permission, with your instructions on how to proceed with care. (Veterinary Care & Payment Release Form)

What about my client confidentially?  What if my building says I am not supposed to have a pet?
You are OUR client and we protect your confidentiality and privacy completely. We know that some clients may find themselves in an awkward situation. PSA understands and respects your right to choose what you wish to tell others.
IF we at PSA are ever asked, we ALWAYS remain a discreet service for you. We will NEVER discuss your arrangements with our business ever.
If we were asked for ID or in any other way challenged, we will show that we have a key provided to us and ascertain that we are your friend coming to make sure everything is OK.
At PSA we do not wear a uniform or drive a sign marked vehicle that identifies our services. We are very discreet and rarely attract attention to ourselves.

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