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"Mind my pet & Home"- Home &/or pet sitters for overnight or longer stays

Your home and/or  pets are cared for with another reliable and presence when you are away.
Pet Sitting in your own home offers a real low stress alternative to boarding pets. It is often best suited to aged pets and those pets not suited to travel.

The added benefit is that your home and property are cared for with another reliable and presence when you are away.

Our Pet Sitters Australia at home visit services include:

  • Initial consultation and set up interview in your own home
  • Overnight stays
  • Daily scheduled  feeding, playtime, administering medication, brushing of pets
    (NB: Some Oral Medicines or Injections may incur additional charges)
  • Regular removal of soiled litter, waste and food scraps
  • Regular Collection of mail
  • Removal of (collection of) junk mail and rubbish at street frontage
  • Plant watering
  • Cleaning of swimming pool traps
  • Putting out/return of rubbish bin and recycling box
  • Lights and drapes circulated
  • General Security check of doors/windows and your home perimeter (as directed)
  • Emailing you to advise all is well back home (If requested)

Real Peace of Mind

  • Your pets welfare and your home are our top priorities
  • Our References happily and readily provided
  • Our Written services contract states rates and services provided at interview
  • Back up staff on hand – all background checked (Police and other references)
  • Recommended by vets, pet shops and grooming parlours and other pet sitters
  • Over 20 years of experience of service to pet owners
  • Our services operate year round

Limited spots available so call early to arrange Overnight or Longer stays to mind your pet, and / or you home – Price is available on request and will be quote specific.


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Pet Sitters First Aid Training Course

All Pet Sitters Australia Carers
are Pet First Aid Certified.

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We actively support animal welfare initiatives. Part of our profits are donated to accredited animal charities.
Pet First Aid Training
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& to the public too!
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